Credit Smart
Posted By Renee  Posted On 12-Oct-2017

5 ways to be smart with credit As you may or may not know, I’m a recovering shopaholic. Therefore, being credit smart is a serious step in my recovery. It’s very easy to misuse credit and get into debt. I feel like credit is like gaining weight. It’s very easy

Posted By Renee  Posted On 05-Oct-2017

4 signs your relationship is suffocating you Many suffocating relationships are basic on mistrust. This mistrust could stem from the suffocating partner who was in a bad past relationship or as been cheated one. If you know this is true then don’t be surprise that you’re in a suffocating relationship.

Emergency Fund
Posted By Renee  Posted On 28-Sep-2017

Single Mother’s emergency fund Building an emergency fund when you’re a couple is hard but when you’re a single mother it’s seems nearly impossible. The fact that you must juggle multiple life problems daily doesn’t make matters easy. Paying your bills on time, paying for things for your kid (s)

Super Single mom
Posted By Renee  Posted On 20-Sep-2017

How to become a Super Single Mom I’m a Super single mother of one, I work full time and all my bills are paid on time; in full. My house is clean and I cook all my meals every single night. I do home work with my son every night

Bad boss
Posted By Renee  Posted On 13-Sep-2017

Work problems Finding a good job is not always easy but when you must deal with a Bad Boss, that’s another level. I know when you’re in a financial bind you can’t be choosy. (Beggars can’t be choosers) the was never a truer saying. So many times, I wanted to

Posted By Renee  Posted On 06-Sep-2017

How to be happy when you’re alone Fall is just around the corner and if you’re not already booed up, you might feel a little unhappy. You want that dream life that everyone around you would envy but you don’t know how to create it when you’re alone. The secrets



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By 17-year-old I had moved in with my boyfriend and by 19 I was pregnant with my son. By the time my son was born, his father and I had separated. I wasn’t attending to school at the time and I definitely wasn’t ready to have a child. Even though with all my experience raising siblings, I couldn’t imaging being a mother.

Consequently by age 20, I was $20,000 in debt and raising my baby in an apartment in ruff neighborhood. Dropped out of school working at company who didn’t appreciate me. This was my rock bottom. I pray to Lord for guidance and the strength to change my circumstances.

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To be truly in a relationship, you must be selfish. Contrary to how I’ve been living my life so far. Let me explain. I’m the big sister in my family (aka my mothers assistant). Has the oldest girl, I’ve always taken care of my younger siblings. Hence, being selfish is not in my DNA nor my nature. I was not raised to be self-centered.This trait is innate in my relationships.


You meet a man in an unlikely place and in an unlikely situation. Instantly you’re attracted to him. He makes you laugh, he’s charming and the love making in is incredible. When you see him you get an instant rush? Dressing up on every date to always look your best. But there is something wrong with him, you just can’t put your finger on it. Is this really love?


The first county I visited was Venice Italy. I flew from Gatwick to Venice, I met a very nice older couple who were celebrating their 40th anniversary and they had travel the world together. They told me all about their adventures; which helped to reassure that there was nothing to fear. Once I saw Italy I fell in love. It looked just like on TV. Italy was breathtaking from the plane.