Finding Mr Right

Finding mr. right

The problem with dating is starting a new relationship with someone. Due to being a single mom, the screening process to find Mr Right is intense; since that person will eventually be in my child’s life.

You must check and double check their stories, check their Facebook page, see what they’ve been Tweeting…to be able to move forward within the relationship. Renee you’re crazy! All of that! Why can’t you just have fun? Having fun is great, but you can…


Making Ends Meet

In life, it’s hard to make ends meet especially when there will always be emergencies. Consequently, even though you plan for everything, the unforeseen will mess up your plans; whether it’s an electricity bill, medical emergency…etc.) Countless times, I’ve ran out of money in my life and it never got any easier until I built myself an emergency fund.

Being strapped financially, I needed help. I searched online for financial advice for young single mother but everything I found was for…


Work Problems

Finding the right job was never easy for me; since having my son meant that I could never really be picky when it came to choosing what I did for a living. It hasn’t been easy putting up with co-workers with temper tantrums and self-important bosses. But I would do anything for my child.

I always gave myself at least one year to see if I liked the company where I was working. I believe that in that one year…


Credit Card Debt

When I was younger I was sent my first credit card. It was a magical card. I would never forget that feel that someone out there was going to send me free money. I had no one to explain the rules of this credit card game that I would find myself playing. Well that magic card and I had good times, let me tell you. I could walk into any store and use my card just like all the…


Sugar in my coffee

relationship advice

A couple years ago I was having a discussion with my brother over brunch. A little background on my brother; he’s been in a relationship for a while and I thought he would be the best person to go to for relationship advice. Since you guys know I’m not very good in the love department. I was telling him about the ups and downs I was having with my now ex boyfriend.

He was puzzle; since he couldn’t understand why…