Peace of Mind

Let’s give Janet some peace of mind. She now as a budget that balances and she reduced her expenses. She started her debt repayment plan. Her situation as improved and now she’s sleeping better. But what about the unexpected?  The car breaks down, your kid as an unexpected class trip or you must stay home sick for a day. This is where the extra $50 comes in to play.

While you’re paying off your debt, take that $50 and save…


Love Challenges

The challenges of love

Love and I have not been friends for a very long time. Yes, we’ve been on opposite sides of the coin forever. Maybe I’m too stubborn to love. Maybe love doesn’t love me. Not sure of the reasons but whenever I think that love and I are on the same page, she kicks me in the teeth and laughs. And there I am again on the floor hoping I still have a smile to smile after my ordeal.

Well I…


Beginner Budgeting

This beginner budgeting is for when you’re just starting out on your own, as a single parent or a young adult. Since it’s not always easy living from pay check to pay check; this budget will help bring stability into your life, since something will always go wrong. Whether it’s a bill being higher than you expected or the car breaking down. This is why having a balanced budget is so important.

You work hard to make your money, why…