Selfish Love

selfish love getting to know yourself

Lost in a relationship

To be truly in a relationship, you must be selfish. Contrary to how I’ve been living my life so far. Let me explain. I’m the big sister in my family (aka my mother’s assistant). Has the oldest girl, I’ve always taken care of my younger siblings. Hence, being selfish is not in my DNA nor my nature. I was not raised to be self-centered.  This trait is innate in my relationships.

I will do anything for my…


Paris France

Paris France the city of lights

The City of Lights

A few days later, I was packing up to fly to Paris France. I was final slowing down and enjoying my vacation. The stresses of life had now been forgotten and I was in the airport waiting to board my flight to Paris. My stomach started to hurt, what had I eaten? Everything! (the voice in my head said) I was so sink in that airport, that when I heard the boarding call for my…


Venice Italy

Solo travel to Venice Italy

My Venice Italy tips

The first county I visited was Venice Italy. I flew from Gatwick to Venice, I met a very nice older couple who were celebrating their 40th anniversary and they had travel the world together. They told me all about their adventures; which helped to reassure that there was nothing to fear. Once I saw Italy I fell in love. It looked just like on TV. Italy was breathtaking from the plane.

Alas, I was distracted but the…


Why I love Walmart

Why I love Walmart

Why I love Walmart

Walmart saves me money as a young single mother. It was hard for me to keep up with a growing boy and especially living on a low income. I saw other mom’s buy timberlands and Nike gear for their kids. At times, I was jealous since I couldn’t afford those things. I wouldn’t go broke just to have my son dress in clothing that he would out grown in no time.

His shoes got too small almost…


Shopaholic Confessions

Did I tell you that I was in recovery? I have a really bad addiction. I’m so addicted that sometimes I don’t even know myself. I get so mad at myself for what I did. It’s never planned but when I go out there, anything can happen. Well ladies, I’m addicted to shopping. I’m Renee and I’m a shopaholic in recovery.

It’s been 3 years since my last shopping spree and I’m still going strong. Shopping for me is like a…