Stress Management Tool

stress management tool

Importance squares

I would like to start this blog with the following disclaimer: I did not invent this idea nor is it a new concept. I’m not even sure that “importance squares” is the right name for it but I do live by the idea. Since, this as helped me numerous time when I couldn’t sleep nor focus without stressing out about life’s problems; the squares were a life saver. Therefore, I made the decision to share it with you…


Airplane/Airport Survival Guide

Airplane Survival Guide

5 Must Haves When Traveling

Now if you’re traveling First class or Business class, you can stop reading. But if you’re a regular person like me and you travel Coach (Economy class) then reading on my friend. Throughout my travels things have not always gone smoothly and that is why I wanted to share these tips with you. I’m hoping that you can learn from my misfortunes.

From time to time, your travel experience goes perfect and you have no hiccups….


Your Requirements List

your requirements list

What are your requirements?

Your requirements list, is a list of 5 items that you use as a jumping of point to make life decisions. My list was created when I lost my job sometime ago. At that time, I would accept any job offer made to me as long as I was making money. Once unemployed, I came to the realization that I wasn’t happy at my last position; I stayed at that company since I had bills. I…


Make Up Break Up

make up to break up with

How to break the cycle

You met a man in an unlikely place and in an unlikely situation. Instantly you’re attracted to him. He makes you laugh, he’s charming and the love making in is incredible. When you see him you get an instant rush? Dressing up on every date to always look your best. But there is something wrong with him, you just can’t put your finger on it. You continue to live in the illusion of him and…