Organize your money

Getting Financially Organized 10 Steps

1. Gather all your paperwork.
Pick up an accordion folder at the Dollar store or Dollar Tree (Legal Size). Create a tab for each of the following:

• Chequing accounts
• Savings accounts (if you don’t have one get one, it’s free)
• Credit card accounts
• Loans (Student loans included)
• Personal lines of credit
• Rent or Mortgage (keep all you rent receipt and your least agreement)
• Insurance: life, disability, health, critical illness, home, car
• Tax returns (keep…


Dream Career

choosing the perfect career

Finding the career of your dreams

The pressure is on to find your dream career, no matter your age. For some, this maybe simple decision but for others like me, the process was very painful. People had high expectations for me and I wasn’t sure that I could live up to them. As a little girl, my dream career was to become a super model but faith was cruel, and I only grew to be 5 feet tall. LOL! Alas…



Have you ever been broken?

When life kick’s your ass at every turn. You try to move forward but life keeps dragging you back to that deep dark broken place inside you. If you’ve ever been broken you know that place very well. It’s the place where your demons lay, until the most opportune time, when your life seems like it’s getting better. Then BAM! You’re back to that dark place crying like a little girl, wondering when it will…



lust not love relationship

5 signs you’re in Lust

Growing up, watching Disney movies, love was always the main goal for the princess. You would watch the bad guy lose the fight and then magically she would fall in love with prince charming. It never occurred to me that their love at first sight, might have been lust. The princess and the prince did not know each other very well; so how could it have been love?  Since most people can’t tell the difference,…