Emergency Fund

single mom emergency fund

Single Mother’s emergency fund

Building an emergency fund when you’re a couple is hard but when you’re a single mother it’s seems nearly impossible. The fact that you must juggle multiple life problems daily doesn’t make matters easy. Paying your bills on time, paying for things for your kid (s) or just trying to keep your head above water; may make an emergency fund seem impossible to build.

Note that I said seems impossible. It’s not that hard if you build…


Super Single mom

super single mom

How to become a Super Single Mom

I’m a Super single mother of one, I work full time and all my bills are paid on time; in full. My house is clean and I cook all my meals every single night. I do home work with my son every night so that he is better prepared for school. If I have extra work I bring it home and do it when my son goes to bed. I volunteer, I’m…


Bad boss

bad boss

Work problems

Finding a good job is not always easy but when you must deal with a Bad Boss, that’s another level. I know when you’re in a financial bind you can’t be choosy. (Beggars can’t be choosers) the was never a truer saying. So many times, I wanted to quit my job but I had bills to way. Sometimes you must take the shit and smile just to pay your bills on time. But that does stop me from…



Finding happiness

How to be happy when you’re alone

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re not already booed up, you might feel a little unhappy. You want that dream life that everyone around you would envy but you don’t know how to create it when you’re alone. The secrets to a blissful life are not as complicated as you might think. Being happy is very simple, but so many of us makes it complicated.

Your life may not be perfect…