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Finding a good job is not always easy but when you must deal with a Bad Boss, that’s another level. I know when you’re in a financial bind you can’t be choosy. (Beggars can’t be choosers) the was never a truer saying. So many times, I wanted to quit my job but I had bills to way. Sometimes you must take the shit and smile just to pay your bills on time. But that does stop me from writing this post.

I’m the kind of person who gives myself at least one year to see if I like the company I’m working for. It takes one year to see if I really like my co-workers, the commute to work or if my boss is a dick. Story times everyone!

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Story #1

I was working for a company a while back where the owner’s son and the person I was working with were childhood best friends. Hence my co-worker could do no wrong. This meant that I got blamed for everything that went wrong and he would get praised for all the good thing. Can we say a really douchebag? This guy was so full of himself and since we shared an office I couldn’t ignore him.

One day he had a bitch fit and threw all the papers of the desks in our office. That’s when I knew that my time was up working with him. Can we say drama queen?

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Story #2

I had a bad boss who only hired her friends. All she wanted to do was shop and do her nails. She worked for her father therefore no one could say anything to her about her poor work ethics nor her lack of education. We all had to work double time to cover for her short comings.

One day I had enough and I told her I was giving her my 2 weeks’ notice. She had a conniption and said that I was ungrateful since I was a little black girl who will never find a better job. Bad Boss, pleaze? I’m a black woman and I always land on my feet!

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Story #3

I had a boss who had OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). He liked all desks in the office to be cleared of all paper work before we left in the evening . If you’ve ever worked in an office before; you know that sometimes work piles up and you can’t put anything away for fear you might forget to complete it. Well my boss wasn’t having that.

It was the busiest time of the year, therefore one evening we left some important papers on our desks. Well the next morning the front door was barricaded with our office chairs. When we pushed our way inside all the papers from our desks and all the chairs were at the door in a pile with note saying: “I don’t ever want to see papers left on the desks again nor chairs not pushed under the desks properly”.

Were we in elementary school? This man was crazy! But I didn’t say anything No; I just got to work cleaning up the mess. I stayed at that job for a year and a half since I was still going to school full time and I needed the money.

love my job

The moral of these stories is that good jobs are hard to find. But if you enter employment with the mindset to learn then you’ll gain more in the long run. Now I have a great job that I love and that I’m grateful to have it. If I had never gone through all that chaos before my current job; I wouldn’t know how to appreciate what I currently have. My one-year rule makes sure you’re not jumping from job to job on your resume. By trying a job for one year, I’m able to see if it’s the right fit for me. If it’s not I have my CV ready to find a new one.

Do you have a bad boss story? Let me know, I would love to know that I’m not alone.



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