Have you ever been broken?

When life kick’s your ass at every turn. You try to move forward but life keeps dragging you back to that deep dark broken place inside you. If you’ve ever been broken you know that place very well. It’s the place where your demons lay, until the most opportune time, when your life seems like it’s getting better. Then BAM! You’re back to that dark place crying like a little girl, wondering when it will all be over and you can be happy again.

At times it seems, you’ve been in that dark place so long that you begin to feel like it’s reality. That life is just a black-hole.

                  Do you ever find yourself crying about the past?

                  Has your mind become your worst critic?

                  Do you smile through the pain?

If you have answered yes to any the above questions then you have a black-hole that was created by your imagination and life’s hardships. This is how you make it better.

broken woman

  1. Cry it out

I know that this one is weird but crying cleanses the soul. You must let it out and face the pain. I know that this is not fun but it’s very healthy. When you bottle up all your emotions inside, that’s when it doubles in size. You must release the pain like when someone draw’s out poison. Find yourself a quite place where you’re alone and you won’t get interrupted. This could be by a lake, in your car or even a closet. Wherever you feel comfortable, just let it all out by crying.

  1. When you’re crying

Cry about all the bad thoughts you’ve ever had about yourself. Cry for all the missed opportunities and the heartbreak that you’ve been thought. Let the tears heal your heart by letting it all out. Give it to God or whoever you believe in. Cover yourself (Fetal position if you must) just cry.

  1. Be still

After you’ve done crying, be still. Don’t do anything, stay where you are. If you must blow your nose do so. But just be still until the moment when you can look at yourself in the mirror. Reality will hit you after that moment and it won’t be pretty. Find peace in your pain, enjoy the rest. Stay in the moment.

getting over being broken

  1. Leave that place

Leave that place of pain physically. If it’s going outside or driving back home if you were outside then so do. Leave your pain behind. Start to think about all the things that you’ve just let out.

What could you do differently to change your life and/or your feelings?

How could you improve your situation?

Who can help you?

Pain as to heal our it will stick with you forever. Maybe you need to ask for help or maybe you must face the problems head on. Whatever you choose to do, remember it’s your life and your decision.

  1. Make the change

Put your money where your mouth is and change your life. Creating your own happiness can get you out of your funk but you should get the tools first. If it’s loneliness then get yourself a social hobby with people how are like-minded. Family is driving you nuts figure out a way to distance yourself but remain close to them. Work related switch jobs or find pleasure in what you do or turn to your other passions while working. If money is stressing you out, plan to consult with a financial adviser and take back control.

I’m not saying that you’ll never break again. The next time you’re in a funk, you can practice these steps until it gets a little easier. These steps as always help me to move forward and pass the pain. I hope that this could help you also. Let me know if it does.





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