suffocating relationship

4 signs your relationship is suffocating you

Many suffocating relationships are basic on mistrust. This mistrust could stem from the suffocating partner who was in a bad past relationship or as been cheated one. If you know this is true then don’t be surprise that you’re in a suffocating relationship. But if non- of the above is true then keep reading.

1. Partner shadow

Everywhere you go your partner is with you. You can’t even speak to your…


Bad boss

bad boss

Work problems

Finding a good job is not always easy but when you must deal with a Bad Boss, that’s another level. I know when you’re in a financial bind you can’t be choosy. (Beggars can’t be choosers) the was never a truer saying. So many times, I wanted to quit my job but I had bills to way. Sometimes you must take the shit and smile just to pay your bills on time. But that does stop me from…



Have you ever been broken?

When life kick’s your ass at every turn. You try to move forward but life keeps dragging you back to that deep dark broken place inside you. If you’ve ever been broken you know that place very well. It’s the place where your demons lay, until the most opportune time, when your life seems like it’s getting better. Then BAM! You’re back to that dark place crying like a little girl, wondering when it will…



lust not love relationship

5 signs you’re in Lust

Growing up, watching Disney movies, love was always the main goal for the princess. You would watch the bad guy lose the fight and then magically she would fall in love with prince charming. It never occurred to me that their love at first sight, might have been lust. The princess and the prince did not know each other very well; so how could it have been love?  Since most people can’t tell the difference,…


Make Up Break Up

make up to break up with

How to break the cycle

You met a man in an unlikely place and in an unlikely situation. Instantly you’re attracted to him. He makes you laugh, he’s charming and the love making in is incredible. When you see him you get an instant rush? Dressing up on every date to always look your best. But there is something wrong with him, you just can’t put your finger on it. You continue to live in the illusion of him and…


Selfish Love

selfish love getting to know yourself

Lost in a relationship

To be truly in a relationship, you must be selfish. Contrary to how I’ve been living my life so far. Let me explain. I’m the big sister in my family (aka my mother’s assistant). Has the oldest girl, I’ve always taken care of my younger siblings. Hence, being selfish is not in my DNA nor my nature. I was not raised to be self-centered.  This trait is innate in my relationships.

I will do anything for my…