Searching for Love

Why as single mothers, are we hunting for someone to love us? How does that make sense, if God gave us a child or children who love us unconditionally? I’ve been going through many single parents’ forums and everything that I read is about the Ex that didn’t value their relationship or the new boo who only wants sex.

As a single mother, I don’t want to make the same mistake of choosing the wrong man again; therefore,…


Super Single mom

super single mom

How to become a Super Single Mom

I’m a Super single mother of one, I work full time and all my bills are paid on time; in full. My house is clean and I cook all my meals every single night. I do home work with my son every night so that he is better prepared for school. If I have extra work I bring it home and do it when my son goes to bed. I volunteer, I’m…



Finding happiness

How to be happy when you’re alone

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re not already booed up, you might feel a little unhappy. You want that dream life that everyone around you would envy but you don’t know how to create it when you’re alone. The secrets to a blissful life are not as complicated as you might think. Being happy is very simple, but so many of us makes it complicated.

Your life may not be perfect…


Dream Career

choosing the perfect career

Finding the career of your dreams

The pressure is on to find your dream career, no matter your age. For some, this maybe simple decision but for others like me, the process was very painful. People had high expectations for me and I wasn’t sure that I could live up to them. As a little girl, my dream career was to become a super model but faith was cruel, and I only grew to be 5 feet tall. LOL! Alas…


Your Requirements List

your requirements list

What are your requirements?

Your requirements list, is a list of 5 items that you use as a jumping of point to make life decisions. My list was created when I lost my job sometime ago. At that time, I would accept any job offer made to me as long as I was making money. Once unemployed, I came to the realization that I wasn’t happy at my last position; I stayed at that company since I had bills. I…


Staying True

Staying true to yourself

Staying True to Yourself

It’s hard staying true to who you are and not compromise your integrity. The many voice around you are chiming in, on how you should live your life. Sometimes instead of people helping you they create more confusion within you. They muddy your dreams and your hopes with what they hoped for themselves.

Some feel that you are theirs to own like property or cattle. They would like to tell you where to go, who to speak…