Planning Disney as a single mother

Theses are just my 5 tips that I picked up on my trip to Disney last summer. Disney was a magical experience and the next time I visit I will make sure to take my own advice. LOL

Here is a quick overview of my trip. We stayed at the Hilton Orlando bonnet Creek hotel which had a shuttle to the Disney parks and Disney Springs. I bought 6 days passes to all Disney parks including water parks and speciality parks. We also did some shopping at the near by outlet which we Ubered to. I booked the trip with Costco Vacations which included the hotel, airfare and theme park tickets. which saved me a bundle! We were 4 people on the trip including my son and I. I booked the Disney fast passes using My Disney experience App, which was very helpful.

single mother at Disney

1. Filtered refillable water bottles

This was a God sent! Especially in the Florida heat. Since at Disney they give you free cups of water at every restaurant, all we needed to do was refill the bottle. Florida water tasted terrible that’s why I suggest getting it with the filter included. This was great for my little sisters and my son, since we didn’t have to spend much money on sodas.

Hilton bonnet creek

2. 1 park per day / don’t over plan

Don’t try to do everything in one day. We were there for 7 days and that still wasn’t enough to see and do everything. I think one park per day including one park free day is sufficient. I made the mistake of over planning and that left us tired and craving the hotel Jacuzzi. LOL! By the end of our trip, I needed a vacation for my vacation.

single mom at Disney

3. Travel light

We all travel carry-on luggage only and that was more than enough clothes for 7 days. We had enough space for souvenirs and I have a big family to buy for. I didn’t have to worry about if the bags where lost or which carousel they where one. It was also easy to get an Uber there since I didn’t have to worry about the size of the car that we would need.

*We Ubered everywhere since we didn’t stay on the Disney property. This also gave us a break from the Disney experience.

packing light

4. Take a break

This tip really should be my #1 tip. I thought that I didn’t over plan, but Disney is so big and with the numerous parks we were tired. The hotel became our sanctuary every night when we got back. My feet hurt so badly even with comfortable shoes. It got to the point where we started to spend half the day at the theme park and the other half at the hotel. Hence, plan breaks where you can just talk to your kids and have some Disney free time.

disney acrobats

5. Listen to your kids

Last but certainly not least is to listen to your kids. My son his 10 years old and I wanted to go on space mountain not know what it was all about. Since I already booked the fast passes I was adamant on doing the ride. It was so terrifying for us that I immediately regretted bring him on the ride. Therefore, when it was time to do Everest in Animal Kingdom we just had him sit it out and had one of us take his magic band and went on the ride twice.

Disney life

These are my personal tips if you have any good ones please share so that we can all benefit. If you have any other questions for me don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer.

PS Sorry this post is late, but I wanted to make it great and not just write garbage.

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