Peace of Mind

Let’s give Janet some peace of mind. She now as a budget that balances and she reduced her expenses. She started her debt repayment plan. Her situation as improved and now she’s sleeping better. But what about the unexpected?  The car breaks down, your kid as an unexpected class trip or you must stay home sick for a day. This is where the extra $50 comes in to play.

While you’re paying off your debt, take that $50 and save it. (Don’t touch it!!!) This not I need those shoes money nor I must do my hair money. This money is for when the unexpected things we can’t always anticipate. Peace of mind money.


Janet saves that $50 for 5 months and now as $250. He car breaks and the mechanic says it’s going to cost $300 to fix. Well Janet now must come up with $50 instead of $300. Are you following me?

Now you’re really setup to handle life’s challenges. Even if you have some setbacks don’t give up, a little hard work and sacrifice will go a long way towards your financial future. Stick to the debt repayment plan and an in about 1 year you’ll be debt free with some emergency saving or Peace of Mind Money.

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