Shopaholic Confessions

Did I tell you that I was in recovery? I have a really bad addiction. I’m so addicted that sometimes I don’t even know myself. I get so mad at myself for what I did. It’s never planned but when I go out there, anything can happen. Well ladies, I’m addicted to shopping. I’m Renee and I’m a shopaholic in recovery.

It’s been 3 years since my last shopping spree and I’m still going strong. Shopping for me is like a drug, I can buy anything I want and feel better about myself instantly. I don’t have to think when I shop, all the problems in my life go away like magic. I still feel like the stories are calling me even after 3 years, so now I avoid them completely.

Why did I change my shopping habits?  I just had enough, enough of credit card bills and owing so many people. It was so hard to quit but I knew it was an important step, if I was ever going to achieve my dreams.

How did you do it?  Well I left my credit cards at home. All I had was my debt card and I knew that that card was for bills only since it was my paycheck. Since, I didn’t want to be short at the end of the month, so I just kept reminding myself of my duty to my son and myself.

What if you’re in the store and I have your credit card?  If I’m in the store, I browse around and pick up all the things that I want to buy. Then I ask myself 3 simple questions:

Which items will I only wear once? I remove those items.
Which items only go with one or two things in my closet? I remove those items.
Which items can I wait for to go on sale? I remove those items.

And by the time I get to the cash, I have nothing or almost nothing in my hands. I then take a look at the line, if the line is long I then ask myself:

Do I really want to wait for these last items? If the answer is no, then I put them down and leave the store.

I also find it easier to go to the store right before I have to be on time for something (appointment, picking up my son from school…etc.) Since I have no time to shop, I only pick up the things that I need.

Or you can avoid stores completely unless it’s a grocery store. Walmart is my biggest problem since everything is reasonably priced. But I have to look at the bigger picture. Financial freedom from debt.

If you have any good tricks to not shop please let me know in the comment section below.

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