Super Single mom

How to become a Super Single Mom

I’m a Super single mother of one, I work full time and all my bills are paid on time; in full. My house is clean and I cook all my meals every single night. I do home work with my son every night so that he is better prepared for school. If I have extra work I bring it home and do it when my son goes to bed. I volunteer, I’m a daughter and a big sister. You may thing that that doesn’t sound like much but my life is full.

This is not me complaining, this post is for the Super Single Mom’s out there who think that they are alone. You’re not! I’m a super single mom too and I salute you for your hard work and devotion to your kid (s).

For the newly single mothers or mothers who would like to know how to become a super single mother these tips are for you.

Single mothers say no

  1. Say NO

I know that’s a weird one, but staying no is how you find piece as a single mother. You cannot do everything and be everything to everyone. It’s not possible stop trying. If you kid(s) what to do an activity and you don’t have the time nor money then say no. Don’t feel guilt about it. Explain to your child why it’s not possible and he/she will understand. You’re not the bad guy for saying NO.

single mother finds balance

  1. Find Balance

It’s easy to breakdown as a single mother since there is no one else shouldering the burdens. So, to avoid overwhelming yourself, find YOUR perfect balance. I say your perfect balance since it’s easy to watch other mothers and try to do what they do. You’re not them, you can’t do all the things they do. If you can only afford to do one activity with your child a year, then do so. Don’t feel bad, it’s your life.

single mothers plan

  1. Plan

Plan almost everything. Write down all the things that need to get done and when. Have a color for bills, a different on for school, appointments, events… You get the idea. Plan for everything that can possibly take place in a week, month or/and year. That’s how we single super mom’s get things done. It’s not magic, it’s planning.

single mothers don't worry

  1. Don’t worry about it

Don’t worry when things don’t go as planned. I know it’s easy to get stressed out when you planned on going on a picnic with the kids but you don’t have the funds to go and you already told them you where going. Don’t worry about it, think on your feet and have the picnic in the living room or at the local park. Things will always go wrong but don’t let that stop your super progress.

single mothers clean

  1. Cleaning

I find it’s harder to be a single super mom with a messy home. But I can’t clean everything all the time. Therefore, I gave my son daily chores that he performs after school. Not on the weekends since I believe that school is like work and everyone needs their day of rest. He cleans the kitchen table, puts away his clothes, puts away the dishes and he makes his bed. Hence when we get home all I have to do is tidy the entrance and the living room; then I start on dinner. I do the dishes in the morning before work and I make my bed. Simple easy tasks but they make me feel better.

There’s more to this super single mom life but these where a few tips just to get you started on your super path. I know that it’s not easy but if I can do it then you most definitely can too.


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