Credit Smart

credit smart

5 ways to be smart with credit

As you may or may not know, I’m a recovering shopaholic. Therefore, being credit smart is a serious step in my recovery. It’s very easy to misuse credit and get into debt. I feel like credit is like gaining weight. It’s very easy to gain weight but it’s very hard to lose it. If you’re not credit smart then it’s easy to get into debt but hell to get out.

Here are some tips…


Emergency Fund

single mom emergency fund

Single Mother’s emergency fund

Building an emergency fund when you’re a couple is hard but when you’re a single mother it’s seems nearly impossible. The fact that you must juggle multiple life problems daily doesn’t make matters easy. Paying your bills on time, paying for things for your kid (s) or just trying to keep your head above water; may make an emergency fund seem impossible to build.

Note that I said seems impossible. It’s not that hard if you build…



Organize your money

Getting Financially Organized 10 Steps

1. Gather all your paperwork.
Pick up an accordion folder at the Dollar store or Dollar Tree (Legal Size). Create a tab for each of the following:

• Chequing accounts
• Savings accounts (if you don’t have one get one, it’s free)
• Credit card accounts
• Loans (Student loans included)
• Personal lines of credit
• Rent or Mortgage (keep all you rent receipt and your least agreement)
• Insurance: life, disability, health, critical illness, home, car
• Tax returns (keep…