disney world tips

Planning Disney as a single mother

Theses are just my 5 tips that I picked up on my trip to Disney last summer. Disney was a magical experience and the next time I visit I will make sure to take my own advice. LOL

Here is a quick overview of my trip. We stayed at the Hilton Orlando bonnet Creek hotel which had a shuttle to the Disney parks and Disney Springs. I bought 6 days passes to all Disney…


Paris France

Paris France the city of lights

The City of Lights

A few days later, I was packing up to fly to Paris France. I was final slowing down and enjoying my vacation. The stresses of life had now been forgotten and I was in the airport waiting to board my flight to Paris. My stomach started to hurt, what had I eaten? Everything! (the voice in my head said) I was so sink in that airport, that when I heard the boarding call for my…