suffocating relationship

4 signs your relationship is suffocating you

Many suffocating relationships are basic on mistrust. This mistrust could stem from the suffocating partner who was in a bad past relationship or as been cheated one. If you know this is true then don’t be surprise that you’re in a suffocating relationship. But if non- of the above is true then keep reading.

1. Partner shadow

Everywhere you go your partner is with you. You can’t even speak to your…



lust not love relationship

5 signs you’re in Lust

Growing up, watching Disney movies, love was always the main goal for the princess. You would watch the bad guy lose the fight and then magically she would fall in love with prince charming. It never occurred to me that their love at first sight, might have been lust. The princess and the prince did not know each other very well; so how could it have been love?  Since most people can’t tell the difference,…


Love Challenges

The challenges of love

Love and I have not been friends for a very long time. Yes, we’ve been on opposite sides of the coin forever. Maybe I’m too stubborn to love. Maybe love doesn’t love me. Not sure of the reasons but whenever I think that love and I are on the same page, she kicks me in the teeth and laughs. And there I am again on the floor hoping I still have a smile to smile after my ordeal.

Well I…


Running Into My Ex

Running into my Ex with someone else

Getting Closer

Running into my ex hurt like a “Mother…”. I’m a person who likes to run away from my problems. It’s the easiest thing for me to do. I feel hurt and regret when I face my problems head on. Hurt because I invested time in something that did not produce a fruitful end & regret because I wasted too much time & energy.

Last weekend I saw my Ex with another woman and it badly hurt my feelings. To find…


Finding Mr Right

Finding mr. right

The problem with dating is starting a new relationship with someone. Due to being a single mom, the screening process to find Mr Right is intense; since that person will eventually be in my child’s life.

You must check and double check their stories, check their Facebook page, see what they’ve been Tweeting…to be able to move forward within the relationship. Renee you’re crazy! All of that! Why can’t you just have fun? Having fun is great, but you can…


Sugar in my coffee

relationship advice

A couple years ago I was having a discussion with my brother over brunch. A little background on my brother; he’s been in a relationship for a while and I thought he would be the best person to go to for relationship advice. Since you guys know I’m not very good in the love department. I was telling him about the ups and downs I was having with my now ex boyfriend.

He was puzzle; since he couldn’t understand why…