suffocating relationship

4 signs your relationship is suffocating you

Many suffocating relationships are basic on mistrust. This mistrust could stem from the suffocating partner who was in a bad past relationship or as been cheated one. If you know this is true then don’t be surprise that you’re in a suffocating relationship. But if non- of the above is true then keep reading.

1. Partner shadow

Everywhere you go your partner is with you. You can’t even speak to your…


Love Challenges

The challenges of love

Love and I have not been friends for a very long time. Yes, we’ve been on opposite sides of the coin forever. Maybe I’m too stubborn to love. Maybe love doesn’t love me. Not sure of the reasons but whenever I think that love and I are on the same page, she kicks me in the teeth and laughs. And there I am again on the floor hoping I still have a smile to smile after my ordeal.

Well I…