Super Single mom

super single mom

How to become a Super Single Mom

I’m a Super single mother of one, I work full time and all my bills are paid on time; in full. My house is clean and I cook all my meals every single night. I do home work with my son every night so that he is better prepared for school. If I have extra work I bring it home and do it when my son goes to bed. I volunteer, I’m…


Stress Management Tool

stress management tool

Importance squares

I would like to start this blog with the following disclaimer: I did not invent this idea nor is it a new concept. I’m not even sure that “importance squares” is the right name for it but I do live by the idea. Since, this as helped me numerous time when I couldn’t sleep nor focus without stressing out about life’s problems; the squares were a life saver. Therefore, I made the decision to share it with you…