disney world tips

Planning Disney as a single mother

Theses are just my 5 tips that I picked up on my trip to Disney last summer. Disney was a magical experience and the next time I visit I will make sure to take my own advice. LOL

Here is a quick overview of my trip. We stayed at the Hilton Orlando bonnet Creek hotel which had a shuttle to the Disney parks and Disney Springs. I bought 6 days passes to all Disney…


Airplane/Airport Survival Guide

Airplane Survival Guide

5 Must Haves When Traveling

Now if you’re traveling First class or Business class, you can stop reading. But if you’re a regular person like me and you travel Coach (Economy class) then reading on my friend. Throughout my travels things have not always gone smoothly and that is why I wanted to share these tips with you. I’m hoping that you can learn from my misfortunes.

From time to time, your travel experience goes perfect and you have no hiccups….


London England

London England solo travels

Last European Stop

On my solo trip to Europe, London England was my last stop. Feeling season, after my adventures in Venice Italy and Paris France, it was time to conquer this new metropolitan. I took the Eurostar from Gare du Nord in Paris and I would arrive at Kings Cross station. Happy Potter moment anyone.

After admiring platform 9 ¾ , it was time to make my way to my hotel. To my surprise my older cousin…