Why I love Walmart

Why I love Walmart

Walmart saves me money as a young single mother. It was hard for me to keep up with a growing boy and especially living on a low income. I saw other mom’s buy timberlands and Nike gear for their kids. At times, I was jealous since I couldn’t afford those things. I wouldn’t go broke just to have my son dress in clothing that he would out grown in no time.

His shoes got too small almost every month, none of his clothing would fit. I had to find a suitable financial solution. The last thing I wanted to worry about was how I was going to clothe my child. That’s where Walmart (especially their George band) caught into my eye. What a God sent!

For less than $150 I’m able to buy his summer wardrobe including 2 pairs of shoes (including spring jacket). Same thing goes for winter clothing and boots (including indoor shoes for school & winter snowsuit). I never had to worry about his clothes wearing out or not wash well. My son looks great and my pocket is happy.

How did I come up with $150 ever 2 seasons?

  1. I save $25 monthly just for his clothes. That’s not a lot for me on my low income.

  2. Spring & fall cleanings are a most, I go into my sons closet and I go through all his clothes with him to see what fits and what doesn’t; at the end of summer and winter. I only replace what I donated or what’s missing from his wardrobe. For example, If I donate 3 pairs of pants, I replace them with 3 new pairs.

  3. I try to only by clothing at the beginning or the end of the season. Since the nice things which are in his size is available. At the end of the season, I buy things that I know he will need for the next year but 2 sizes bigger.

  4. I always shop with a list. Therefore, I never pick up what I don’t need. Tip: I shop online first to check the cost and only walk into the store with the amount I was planning to spend.

  5. Lastly, stick to your budget. I know it’s easy to just add another $4 to your basket but resist. Your child can only wear so much clothes in a week. I do laundry once a week and the less clothes I have to fold and put away the better.

In conclusion, there will always be that parent who’s children our wearing expensive clothing, but remember they all play in the same mud and get the same holes in their pants no matter the brand…LOL. I would rather payless for something that I might have to throw way.


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