Your Requirements List

What are your requirements?

Your requirements list, is a list of 5 items that you use as a jumping of point to make life decisions. My list was created when I lost my job sometime ago. At that time, I would accept any job offer made to me as long as I was making money. Once unemployed, I came to the realization that I wasn’t happy at my last position; I stayed at that company since I had bills. I got to thinking, what if I choose my next job based on what I wanted and not what was offered to me. This is when I came up with my 5 items. And it worked out great! I know what your thinking; A job is a job, be thankful you have one or just don’t apply for certain positions.

But anyone who as worked at a dead-end job knows very well that a job is never just a job. Although your job is enjoyable, you may hate your boss or manager because his/she power hungriness or why he/she gets upset when you’re 1 minute late. Or you can not like your work schedule, even though you’re getting paid very well. A job is never just a job when you must spend 1/3 of your life working.

Therefore, I came up with a requirement list. A list of no more than 5 items, which you require from your work, relationship or life. The 5 items list can be done for any part of your life that you’re unsure about.

how to find the right job

Example 1:

When you go to a job interview, they give you a requirements list when they post the ad. You can only qualify for the position if you fulfill their requirements. Why don’t you apply the same principals to your everyday life?

What if before you set off on your job hunt you start with your requirement list?

 Job Requirements

  1. Must have 2 weeks vacation or more

  2. Will only work from 9am to 5pm

  3. Must not be too far from home

  4. Pay more than $20 per hour

  5. Should have a pension plan

There you have your requirement list. So, if you’re looking for employment and the job offer doesn’t meet your 5 requirements, then that’s not the right job for you. Do not add to the list. You may edit the list or replace an item. Anything over 5 is over kill.

how to find the right relationship

Example 2:

You want to be with someone but you can’t seem to find the right person. It seems like you just have bad luck when it comes to relationships. Well what are the qualities you’re looking for.

  Relationship Requirements

  1. Must have a good sense of humor

  2. Should have a job

  3. Must drive his/her own vehicle

  4. Should love animals

  5. Must know how to cook

Therefore, if you meet someone that doesn’t no meet these 5 items then you need to walk away. Your requirement list must be simple and straight forward. This is a list of the basics a person must have to date you. Don’t get desperate and date someone without a job and a car, then get mad at he/she for not being able to pick you up or paying their half of the bills.

debt free challenge

Example 3:

You feel like your life is going nowhere fast, you have no direction and your future seems bleak.

Make your requirements list.

Life Requirements

  1. Own my own home

  2. Have a car that works

  3. Surround myself with loving people

  4. Have a good job

  5. Travel once a year

As you may have noticed, I didn’t include eat great food on my list. Since, it’s not a requirement, therefore it’s not a problem if I eat less but travel more. You choose your priorities. You’ll have your base line once your lists are completed. Accept nothing less than your requirements.

I hope that this was helpful and it gave you some direction. I struggled a long-time with too many choices. But once I made my lists I knew exactly what to look for from my life. Your list will change over time but once you figure out your requirements it can make your life a little simpler.



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